Group Introduction
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  Yuemei Group Corporation Limited, established in 1992, has grown into a large-scale International private enterprise group. Focusing on textiles, real estate, overseas investment, venture capital and other industries, Yuemei Group, whose head office is located in Zhuji, has more than 20 subsidiaries and over 5000 employees.  

  For the past 20 years, under the leadership of President Xu Zhiming, Yuemei Group has continuously maintained an operations strategy based on a “domestic and global outlook, scientific pioneering and innovative development”, and has also adhered to the enterprise concept of “diversity investment, professional operation, and differentiated management”. Employees and scientific development is the primary constitution for the promotion of its international extension and brand strategy.  

  In recent years, Yuemei has been devoted to industrial transformation and an upgrading strategy, and has dramatically increased its competitiveness and overall strength, making it the leader of the industry.  

  Textiles is the main business of the group, and also the starting point of its development and expansion. There are 10 subsidiaries or holding companies of Yuemei, such as Zhejiang Major Textile Co. Ltd, Zhejiang Yuemei Import and Export Co. Ltd. and Hubei Yuemei Textile and Printing Group, which sets production, printing and dyeing, and trading and service, providing customers worldwide with a full range of textile design programs and excellent after-sales service. Products sell well in countries and regions of West Africa, South Africa, Middle Africa, Russia and Hong Kong. Yuemei is the leading enterprise in the textiles industry and one of the largest companies that import and export textiles.  

  Real estate is one of the pillar industries of Yuemei Group, whose overall strength is among China’s Top 100 real estate enterprises after 5 years development. There are 3 exclusively-invested enterprises for real estate. They are Hubei Jinzhou Yuemei Real Estate Developing Co. Ltd., Anhui Yuemei Real Estate Developing Co.Ltd. and Shandong Yuemei Real Estate Developing Co.Ltd.  

  Yuemei Real Estate is guided by the objective to “create high end quality of construction, highlight the human cultural architectural concept” and “High quality and high standard”. Yuemei has gradually risen to become one of China’s most competitive real estate developing enterprises.  

  The introduction of Jingzhou Jinjiang Baodi commercial and residential project made a splash in the city and won the city’s “best residential model of year 2010”, “best landscape design real estate of year 2010”, and “Best flat type design real estate of year 2010”.  

  Yuemei Group is one of the first enterprises to implement a “Going Abroad” strategy. Nowadays, the Group has established overseas trading companies, production factories, industrial parks and cotton bases in more than 20 countries and regions world wide such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Dubai, Senegal and Hong Kong. This has enhanced the multinational capital utilization, and Yuemei has become a leader in brand building and export expansion, foreign exchange acquisition and international trade.  

  Yuemei Investment and Entrepreneurship owns four subsidiaries: they are Zhejiang Yuemei Investment Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Guoyuan Investment and Entrepreneurship Co. Ltd, Jingzhou Yuemei Guaranteed Investment Co.Ltd, Hubei and Jingzhou Yuemei Petty Loan Co. Ltd. They commit themselves to helping the development of small medium scale enterprises to grow, and aims to promote the growth of SMEs. It is thus a cooperation partner and an entrepreneurship engine.  

  In 2010, Yuemei obtained several awards which included the “Going Abroad” strategic pioneering enterprise, China’s Top 20 Private Enterprises of International Competitiveness, China AAA Credit Enterprises of Textiles Export, China Top Brands, and Zhejiang Outstanding Private Entrepreneur.  

  Build Yuemei as a hundred-year enterprise; create Yuemei as a premium brand.