Brand origin of Yuemei
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The literal meaning of Yuemei is to become better and better and more and more beautiful.

  In 1992, Xuzhiming decided to establish a business. When he went to the Industry and Commerce Department to register a trademark for his company, he considered seriously for a long time to select a beautiful name which is also easily to be remembered. As the ancient capital of the kingdom of Yue, Zhuji is also well-known as the hometown of Xi Shi, the most beautiful woman in ancient times. Besides, we are the manufacturer of textile. Therefore, people will become more and more comfortable and beautiful if they wear our textile. So why not give our company a name----Yuemei? In this way, our company was successfully registered and the trademark of Yuemei finally came into being.

  Yuemei means to become better and better and more and more beautiful.

  With the constant development of Yuemei, the meaning of “Yuemei” is continuously enriched and improved from “beauty, integrity” to “extension, specialty” and then to today’s “integrity, respect and innovation”. Employees of Yuemei will inherit these fine qualities and further promote the development and prosperity of Yuemei.