Talent Concept
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  Integrity ----it is the basic virtue that every social person should have. Yuemei attaches great importance to the employee’s loyalty. We regard the principle of how the employee handles personal interests and corporate interests as the primary standard with which to choose talents. Whether a person is honest or not can truly reflect his personality and attitude towards people and things, which directly affects the trust and cohesion of a team during the collaboration process. Therefore, it is the basic virtue that each employee should have, especially in companies whose corporate cultures pay increasing attention to the spirit of teamwork.  

  Diligence----those who are diligent can always seize opportunities to succeed. It is true that it is a very important gift, but endeavour in later life is the only way to succeed. In YUEMEI, opportunities will always fall on those who are diligent and hardworking. Diligent brilliants are needed all the time to push the sustainable development of Yuemei in the complicated market environment to accelerate its innovation and progress.  

  A pragmatic style of work--- a real talent should acquire both political integrity and professional competence. Not a single one can be omitted. Yuemei prefers to judge a person from his comprehensive quality, and emphasizes the spirit of action. When a company brings in talents, it focuses on his ability to make full use of his strengths and specialty in the professional field. The talents also need to be capable of solving problems, adequately tackle tough jobs and more importantly, be creative. Only in this way can the talents help the company achieve an overall improvement.   

  Integration----the ability to integrate into society is an important yardstick to measure a person’s ability. Enterprise is the epitome of the society. So all employees have to adapt themselves to the corporate culture and eventually become a part of it. A placid attitude towards personal gainsay and losses is welcomed in Yuemei in order to integrate into its corporate culture----honest, pragmatic, responsible and harmonious.  

  Career growth—  
  Perfect training system  
  Yuemei provides all employees with training opportunities aimed at creating a unique learning structure and letting the company and employees grow together through various ways such as on-the-job training, off-the-job training, and extension, etc.